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A thaw in the North?

I am always heartened when there is the possibility of reduction of suffering. This coupled with a reduction of the risk of war is even better. The normalization of North Korea in the world community would be wonderful. I hope that we are willing to partner rather than punish and consider how important it is to respect the terms of the Iran deal to demonstrate good faith that the US honors it’s commitiments regardless of what party is in power.


As the day breaks from the night, fighting for change, it worries that this change will be overcome with night’s eminent return. It wonders how to live now with death so near.


As a human, I spend a significant amount of time thinking about self actualization. Specifically about the question of giving of oneself to others. I wrestle with question of what are my objectives and motives? Do my actions reflect those objectives and motives, either or neither?

Bias - Weariness and Perseverance

This past month has been very difficult for a variety of reasons. I have sharpened my conviction and understanding of bias. The crystallization that we are ALL biased in ALL things. I am biased in the way that I write this as you are biased in the way that you read this. I have become very frustrated in the fruitless goal of objective discussions in a post (anything) world. For example, I do not believe in a post racial possibility or that there is any value in seeking it. I hope to calmly reiterate through the rest of my days.

Why this economist thinks public education is mostly pointless - Vox

Why this economist thinks public education is mostly pointless - Vox:

I really like the back and forth on this. I appreciate the discussion and would generally side with Illing but I have always thought that we 'force' people through college and to some extent high school as if they are for everyone being vocational in nature. I don't know exactly how I developed my ability to think but it was a mix of my family experiences with my educational experiences.

A response to ‘What Can’t Be Debated on Campus’

Unfortunately you need a subscription to read in full -
This post will respond briefly the condensed Op-Ed
1. What evidence supports that these items cannot be debated? It appears that they are being debated. 
2. As noted one may have the right to point out you are a racist but that doesn’t make it right to do so. How did you come to that conclusion? I have come to that it is right to point out truth as I perceive and live it and we have the opportunity to debate and decide whether your language is a ‘dog whistle’. 
3. Why do you elevate your social norms to be the social norms? This relates, in part, to #1, under my view, you have suffered no consequences due to your political incorrectness, so is this second rebuttal simply because your feelings were hurt that your colleagues won’t have a spot of tea with you? 
From my viewpoint, you are in control and have the backing of media, political institutions, academic insti…

One of the best discussions around the Confederacy

I found the best discussion point around the ‘slippery slope’ argument, which has long bothered me.

Where does it stop? Somewhere! Everything stops somewhere. It’s our responsibility to wrestle with where that is?

#wtm2016 Day 8

I did this workout then I did 24 mins on stairs alternating a slow '8' pace for 2 minutes with no hands on bars and alternating punching with 14-18 for 2 minutes to pick up cardio pace

Ending workout with 1/2 mile run in 3:30.

#wtm2016 day 3

I'm behind and will fire off my workouts for the past week

Friday - May 13 - no cardio - did weight training - concentrated on forearms

Dumbell wrist curls
Hold dumbells until exhaustion
Dumbell wrist extensions
Biceps curl - low weight
Finger tip push ups